Tuesday 30 April 2013

Arseholes fail to blow up twats in foiled Dewsbury bomb plot

A shower of incompetent arseholes failed to blow up a set of twattish bastards in Dewsbury in a failed bomb plot, a court found yesterday.
The useless bastards made a number of fundamental fuck-ups, marking this as one of the most easily foiled plots in the history of Britain as a bunch of wannabe jihadis failed to bring their particular brand of arsehole-ism to the streets of West Yorkshire last June.

Their target was the equally reprehensible bunch of thugs, racists, idiots, twats and plenty else besides the English Defence League. They were more successful in bringing their particular brand of hate to the area insofar as they managed to organise a modestly-attended rally in Dewsbury.

The six incompetents turned up as the incompetently-arranged rally was breaking up, missing their equally cartoon-like target, and were stopped as they headed back to the West Midlands as the car they were travelling in was uninsured. A search uncovered a homemade bomb, guns and knives.

"Their capability was clear", West Midlands Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale said after the accused had changed their plea to guilty. "They were massive arseholes and they created a device that could have maimed - possibly killed - some other massive arseholes."

All six will be sentenced on June 6.

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