Monday, 13 May 2013

Solution found to Elland issue

Often described as 'the largest town in Yorkshire without a railway station', a solution for Elland has been struck between all interested parties - knock Elland down.

The radical solution is being hailed as 'a game-changer' and one which will end any further disputes about the town, it's railway station - or lack thereof - and, indeed, anything else Elland-related.

Demolition contractors are being asked to tender for the work which is expected to take approximately 1.8 milliseconds and an enormous bang. A council statement regarding the proposals said "After hearing arguments from all sides of the debate, we proposed the [demolition solution]. While no-one was actively for it, no other proposal gained popular support among stakeholders, hence it passed".

"While we realise it's a drastic plan", the statement concluded. "we believe that nothing of value will be lost".

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