Thursday, 13 June 2013

LBT audience wowed as Jason Manford notices stuff

A packed house at the Lawrence Batley theatre revelled in the observational stylings of Jason Manford last night as the Salford funnyman noticed things, pointed out the differences between other things and pondered what it was all about.

Throughout the show, Manford picked out a seemingly mundane piece of everyday minutiae and squeezed it for every laugh going. It was almost as if he was the first person to have noticed that there is often something amusing about the humdrum.

Occasionally, he would expertly compare two similar things and point out how different they actually are, much to the amusement of those who couldn't see it coming a mile off.

The crowning glory, though, was when he postulated the eternal question in relation to the matters he discussed and we left the theatre thinking much the same thing: just what is all that about? Food for thought there for everyone.

Sadly, many fans were disappointed that he didn't do his tried-and-tested 'have you ever noticed how easy it is to post sexual content on social media?' routine.

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