Sunday, 21 April 2013

Police hats "counted out and counted back in" as Town win

Huddersfield Town overcame a spiritless challenge from Championship strugglers Miwawwww at a full to the brim McAlpine stadium on Saturday. In a game attended mostly by police and stewards Mark Robins' Terriers eked out a 3 - 0 win against their Metropolitan Police hat stealing opponents.
Whilst the win goes some way to easing Towns relegation worries, the main focus of the day was the policing operation. Detective Chief Superintendant Fulton Mackay was upbeat after the game.
"I counted our lads hats on the way out of the station and I counted 'em back in. All were present and correct, untainted by the hands of the massive Miwawwww following today. If I don't get a knighthood for this I'll be really pissed off. I mean what do they want me to do? Catch burglars? Rapists? Murderers? Don't be soft, it's the football fans that are the real threat. Yeah, go on then one more, just a little one though. Hic"

As well as the massive, massive (almost Sheffield Wednesday-esque) policing operation, Huddersfield also hosted a game of football. The hosts, three time champions of England, faced Miwawwww at the Galpharm Stadium.
The John Smiths Stadium, full to capacity with West Yorkshire Police officers enjoying an afternoon doing nothing much, interspersed with periods of arsiness and general abuse of the public, was literally not bouncing. Constable Henry Barraclough of West Yorkshire Police commented that the day had gone well, "I'm getting overtime for this. Fucking great. I had a Maccie D's this morning as well. Oy you! Sit down!".

In other news, Town beat Millwall at Leeds Road by three goals to nil.

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