Thursday, 18 April 2013

Seventh town centre branch of Greggs to open inside a Greggs

Bakery chain Greggs, following on from gaining permission for a sixth branch in Huddersfield town centre, have announced details of their plans for a seventh.
The north-east based purveyors of stodge have been granted permission to open a branch inside one of their existing branches, specifically the one located on the Piazza.

"We have unused space in that particular branch", a spokesbaker for the company told the Scrutiniser, "and we've shown in the recent past that we, like nature, abhor a vacuum and will occupy any spare floorspace as is possible as we seek to saturate the Huddersfield pasty market".

With shops closing at the current rate, it's thought that 83% of all retail premises will be a Greggs by 2020, the remaining 17% occupied by payday lenders, pound shops and pawnbrokers.

Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney said "I like pasties. Unless that's not a vote-winner, in which case I don't".

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