Friday, 19 April 2013

Town face Millwall as police seek to justify their overtime and existence

Huddersfield Town face Millwall this coming Saturday, a fixture which will go a long way to sealing each clubs fate in the Chamionship. With so much at stake The Scrutiniser asks 'is it safe to be in Huddersfield on the day of the game?'
Millwall, well known for their hooligan element, are Huddersfield-bound. Thousands, if not tens of thousands (read a couple of hundred), of Millwall supporters are hell-bent on coming to Huddersfield. Can we stop the invading hordes?

West Yorkshire Police seem to think not. Chief Superitendant Fulton Mackay believes that "violence is inevitable". "I believe that this game of assocation football will lead to mass disorder on a level previously unknown to humankind".

In measures not seen since the game which pitted Town against (lowest arrests in the league) Hooligans Hull City, Millwall supporters will be escorted individually by taxi from London Bridge station to motorway services at Scotch Corner where they will be searched, photographed, filmed, flown to an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe and generally abused.

Mr Mackay believes that the policing operation will engender a feeling of mutual respect between travelling Millwall fans and the police. "fuck 'em they're subhuman. Well maybe not, but that's how we treat them. It's the only language these bastards understand".

Mr Norman Stanley Fletcher, on behalf of the Millwall Supporters Association said "fackers".

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